Chalets or apartments, our new programs in Megece, Meribel 3 vallées and Courchevel

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Our selection of new programs

Our 3 agencies in Megève - Méribel 3 Vallées - Courchevel invite you to discover their selections of high-end and prestigious new programs.
From an urbanism point of view, it is important to consider that the mountain real estate market changes rapidly.
Indeed, recent ones have changed the situation in terms of constructability and many new apartment programs are emerging. Eager to provide you with our expertise throughout the marketing process and up to delivery, our 3 agencies are keen to scrupulously study each project selected by us.
Thus, for the 3 markets where we operate on a daily basis, real investment opportunities are available to you knowing that the tax advantages linked to the rentals with services allow you to generate significant rental profitability.
With this in mind, our rental department will be able to guide you in optimizing the marketing process.

Our selection in Megève

Our selection in Méribel 3 Vallées